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Brown Rhino Beetle ~ Xylotrupes gideon


Xylotrupes gideon
Country of Origin: Thailand
17cm x 17cm

5 in stock

5 in stock



The Xylotrupes gideon, commonly known as the Gideon’s dung beetle, is a fascinating insect that plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems. With its glossy black exoskeleton and impressive size, this species is a true marvel of nature. Found primarily in Southeast Asia, the Gideon’s dung beetle is known for its efficient waste management abilities, as it feeds on and recycles dung for nutrients. This species is not only important for maintaining soil health, but also serves as a valuable food source for other creatures in its habitat. Displayed in a sleek black frame, this specimen of Xylotrupes gideon is a stunning representation of the beauty and importance of insects in the natural world.


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